Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Video: Biden Snaps On Reporter

Biden has lost his mind.

During a recent press conference about his 2023 budget proposal, President Biden erupted on a reporter who continued to ask him questions his strange comments calling for Putin’s removal.

Biden recently made headlines after he blatantly stated, “For God’s sake, this man [Putin] cannot remain in power.

The White House immediately corrected Biden’s comments and said that there were no plans discussed about removing Putin whatsoever.

According to Axios, then when asked again today, Biden erupted on one reporter.

“I was expressing my outrage. He shouldn’t remain in power, just like bad people shouldn’t continue to do bad things. But it doesn’t mean we have a fundamental policy to do anything to take Putin down in any way,” Biden explained.

Later Biden whined in anger, “…Because it’s ridiculous! Nobody believes we’re gonna takedown… I was talking about taking down Putin! Nobody believes that!

Sadly for Biden, everybody believed just that.



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