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Video: Republican Silenced For Border Truth


This is insane.

In a shocking turn of events, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan was silenced during a Capitol hearing while he was asking President Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about what happened to 42 illegal immigrants who were on the terror watchlist and apprehended at the Southern border.

Jordan appeared in disbelief after he was silenced during the hearing.

In transcript provided by Fox, Rep. Jordan asked Mayorkas, “Forty-two illegal immigrants were encountered at our border are on the terrorist and no-fly list. Are any of them still in our country?”


Mayorkas began panicking during the questioning and Jordan pressed, “This is an important question for this committee.”

“Congressman, I will deliver to you a response with respect…” Mayorkas said in an attempt to not answer.

Jordan’s mic was then cut off.


Here is another video of Jordan unloading on Mayorkas: