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VP Harris’ Team Says Biden ‘Dazed And Confused’

VP Harris’ Team Says Biden ‘Dazed And Confused’

The divide between the two is growing.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ new communications director sparked major controversy after it was discovered that he once claimed that President Biden was “dazed and confused” and he even accused Trump of “pushing a janky science vaccine.”

According to Fox, Jamal Simmons who is about to be named Kamala’s new communications once worked for The Hill and aired a segment called “Dazed and Confused” which made fun of Biden for all of the ridiculous stories he has told in his past.

Simmons mocked Biden and said, “We do this story about once a week! It’s what you get with Uncle Joe.” 

Simmons then mocked the COVID-19 vaccines that VP Kamala Harris and President Biden are desperately begging people to take and said, “Trump’s fatally ill-managed Coronavirus response seems to have turned voters off to him the way Katrina destroyed Bush’s political reputation, but pushing a janky science vaccine into the public for political purposes would turn incompetent culpability into intentional harm.”

In the past, Simmons also warned Biden not to get “too comfortable” with getting the black vote. Saying, “’Black ppl are happy to have Biden at the cookout but he should remember he didn’t get the original invitation on his own. He was a plus one.’ Don’t get too comfortable.”

Following the discovery about all of the controversial things Simmons has said in he past, he responded by saying, “as a pundit for much of my career I have tweeted a lot and spoken out on public issues. Sometimes I have been sarcastic, unclear, or just plainly missed the mark. I sincerely apologize for offending those who care as much as I do about making America the best, multi-ethnic, diverse democracy it can be. I know the role I am taking on is to represent the Biden-Harris administration, and I will do so with humility, sincerity and respect.”