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Biden And Democrats To Make This Illegal


You won’t believe what they are pushing for now.

A House Democrat has put forth a proposal aimed at replacing the terms “husband” and “wife” with the gender-neutral term “spouse” in federal law. This proposal has sparked discussions among members from both sides of the political spectrum.

According to Fox, Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer expressed his views on the matter, stating that he finds some of the “wokeness” in Congress laughable. He believes that Democrats should focus on more pressing issues such as job opportunities and border security, rather than pushing what he sees as a “woke agenda” to appease the extreme left wing.

Democratic Virginia Rep. Don Beyer acknowledged that while he personally uses the terms “husband” and “wife,” he understands that not everyone may identify with those labels. He respects those who choose to share their pronouns and acknowledges the diversity of preferences.

The proposed legislation, known as the Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act, was introduced by Democratic California Rep. Julia Brownley. The bill aims to replace “husband” and “wife” with gender-neutral terms like “spouse” or “married person” in existing laws.

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley believes that the proposed changes are not controversial for the vast majority of the public but are likely contentious for a small segment of radical leftists he perceives as dominating the Democratic Party.


On the other hand, Democratic California Rep. Robert Garcia sees no issue with any of the terms and is proud of having both a spouse and a husband. He respects others’ choices in how they refer to their partners.

The bill seeks to replace various terms like “husband and wife” and “former wife” with more inclusive terms like “married couple” and “person who has been, but is no longer, married to.” The phrase “one man and one woman” would also be replaced with “two people as spouses.”

Republican South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace strongly opposes the proposal, calling it “bulls—” and asserting that it is an attempt to erase femininity. She believes that referring to pregnant women as “pregnant people” diminishes the importance of motherhood.

In recent years, some government institutions and organizations have been adopting more gender-inclusive language. For instance, the Office of Equity and Human Rights in Portland, Oregon, proposed an inclusive writing guide that suggested replacing certain terms to be more inclusive to LGBTQ+ parents.

Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah questioned the need for controversy over such changes, arguing that terms like “husband” and “wife” are endearing and widely understood.

In summary, the proposal to replace gender-specific terms in federal law with gender-neutral ones has triggered debates among politicians with differing opinions on the matter. Some see it as a step towards inclusivity, while others view it as unnecessary and divisive.