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Biden Secretly Deploys Troops


This was a strange decision.

President Biden recently sparked controversy after he secretly ordered hundreds of U.S. ground forces back into Somalia earlier this month. Biden’s decision comes after former President Donald Trump decided to pull those same troops out in December 2020.

According to Fox, Biden is justifying his decision after the Pentagon approved a request to target around one dozen leaders of the al-Shabab terrorist group that operates in east African nations.

Now it appears that instead of brining the 700 American solide


Spokesperson for the National Security Council Adrienne Watson explained, “The decision to reintroduce a persistent presence was made to maximize the safety and effectiveness of our forces and enable them to provide more efficient support to our partners.” Watson added that the decision will help create “a more effective fight against al-Shabab.”

President Biden’s senior administration official explained that Biden is determined to bring down the “threat to a level that is tolerable.”

With the way President Biden handled the Afghanistan withdrawal it sure will be interesting to see how this turns out.