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Look Who Wants To Fund The Police Now


This is such a joke.

After running a 2020 presidential campaign based around defunding the police, it now appears that President Biden is trying to stand in support of America’s cops and wants to mend broken ties.

According to Newsmax, Biden claimed that officers must deliver both effective crime deterrence and also equal justice to balance and fix problems his own administration’s policies have caused.

During a recent speech at the U.S. Capitol for a memorial paying respect to the 563 officers who died while on duty last year, Biden called for making policing safer in America however offered no real solutions to fix the problems.


“Folks, the answer is not to abandon the streets; it’s not to choose between safety and equal justice,” Biden stated.

He then added, “And we should agree it’s not to defund the police – it’s to fund the police. Fund them with the resources, the training they need to protect our communities and themselves and restore trust.

Sadly however, President Biden forgot to address the rising street and gang violence which is causing tension across many major American cities. It’s beginning to seem like all Biden can do is deliver not-so-inspiring speeches while also doing very little to actually fix the problems.