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Biden is likely furious.

It has long been known that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and President Biden don’t see eye to eye on many things.

Now, Governor DeSantis just signed several bills into law that forces companies to put a hold on overreaching coronavirus vaccine mandates for their employees. One specific bill gave workers the choice to opt out of vaccine mandates due to medical and religious exemptions.

According to Fox, DeSantis stated, “I told Floridians that we would protect their jobs, and today we made that the law. Nobody should lose their job due to heavy-handed COVID mandates, and we had a responsibility to protect the livelihoods of the people of Florida. I’m thankful to the Florida Legislature for joining me in standing up for freedom.”

Gov. DeSantis’ decision gave several companies including Walt Disney World the ability to stop forced vaccinations of their employees who didn’t want to take the vaccine while also keeping their jobs.

What is hilarious about this is that Gov. DeSantis decided to sign these bills into law in Brandon, Florida, to troll President Biden.

As you may already know, the “Let’s go Brandon” chant is going viral cross the internet which mocks President Biden and secretly means “F*** Joe Biden”.

After signing the bills, DeSantis again mocked Biden and said, “We were here to celebrate a great city in the state of Florida, a freedom city, and it’s important that when you have the federal government overreaching, like Joe Biden’s doing, that we signed legislation to protect Floridians. Doing it here in Brandon I think is especially meaningful because I think people here really appreciate it.”