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President Biden Hit With Devastating News


Biden should just resign at this point.

A recent survey conducted on Monday reveals that a significant majority of the American population holds the belief that President Biden’s age hinders his ability to effectively perform the duties of the presidency for another term of four years.

According to Fox, the poll conducted jointly by the Associated Press and NORC found approximately 77% of Americans share the view that Biden’s age poses a hindrance to carrying out a second term. While it might not come as a surprise, as many as 89% of Republicans share this sentiment. Interestingly, a notable 69% of Democrats also express the opinion that Biden might no longer be suited for the responsibilities, as indicated by the poll.

Comparatively, fewer than 50% of Americans believe that former President Trump is too old for the office, despite being just three years younger than Biden.

The survey was conducted between August 10 and 14 by the AP, utilizing a sample taken from NORC’s AmeriSpeak Panel, which employs a probability-based approach to ensure representativeness of the U.S. population. The margin of error in sampling for all participants stands at approximately 3.8 percentage points.


The poll goes on to reveal that a growing number of American voters endorse the implementation of comprehensive regulations designed to maintain a younger cohort of leaders in the country. Roughly two-thirds of respondents express their support for setting age limits on the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, this survey coincides with an appearance by Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where he defended President Biden in the context of his age.

When asked by host Chuck Todd if he had any advice for the president on addressing public concerns about his age, Sanders, who is 81 years old himself, shared that he had met with President Biden about five or six weeks prior and found him to be in good shape. He also highlighted the importance of energy and engagement in conveying vitality. Todd acknowledged that age is indeed a topic of concern for many voters regarding Biden’s presidency.

Sanders emphasized that when evaluating a candidate’s suitability for office, a range of factors should be considered. He underscored the significance of core values and stances on critical issues rather than just focusing on age. He concluded by stating that while age is a consideration, there are broader and more significant matters at play.