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VIDEO: Biden’s Gross Act Goes Viral


This is just nasty.

On Monday, Joe and Jill Biden visited Eliot-Hine Middle School in Washington DC to mark the beginning of the school year and extend their warm regards to the students.

Following consecutive vacations in Lake Tahoe and Delaware, the Bidens had just returned. Biden himself came back to DC on Sunday, immediately making his way to an elementary school to engage with the children directly.

This event signals the start of a series of back-to-school initiatives for the first lady. She is scheduled to travel to the Midwest later in the week, aiming to honor teachers and shed light on the mental health requirements of students.


Jill Biden boasts a longstanding career as an educator and is the first first lady to maintain her professional work beyond the White House. She currently teaches English and writing at Northern Virginia Community College, a role she undertook during her husband’s eight-year tenure as Vice President under President Barack Obama.

During their visit to a middle school in Washington DC, Joe Biden was captured on camera coughing multiple times into his hand while interacting with students.


This is downright gross and nobody, especially the president of the United States, should be doing it.