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Biden Impeachment Inevitable?

Biden Impeachment Inevitable?


America cannot be under Biden’s leadership!

Former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley shocked everyone when he began to tell the American people what is really going on in Afghanistan.

During a recent interview with CBS, Haley, who was once a very close ally to former President Donald Trump, reacted to the August 31st deadline given to Joe Biden by the Taliban.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Haley said Biden must stand firm and “go back and extend that August 31st deadline and make sure that the Taliban knows they’ve got to let people into the airport.”

“We’ve got to get our Americans out” Haley stressed. “We’ve got to stay true to those Afghan allies that we made promises to. And we’ve got to make sure we do this in a very strong way going forward.”

Haley then revealed information that most people don’t know and said Americans stranded in Afghanistan aren’t actually in Kabul, “They’re actually on the outskirts out of there. …So this is a time where we need to have a list of our Americans. We need to make contact with where they are and we’ve got to go get them if they can’t get to the airport.”

“I can’t believe that Biden got it so wrong that he said that no Americans were having a hard time coming to the airport,” Haley said. “He said al Qaeda was no longer in Afghanistan. He said our allies were fine with what he did. Either the people around Biden aren’t telling him the truth or he is not thinking in a normal way. I mean, something is very wrong here.“

Haley then confirmed everyones worst fears and admitted, “They’re not negotiating with the Taliban, they’ve completely surrendered to the Taliban.”

“This was a complete and total surrender and an embarrassing failure,” she said.

It’s shocking to know that President Joe Biden has allowed Americans to be held hostage by Taliban forces.


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Image credit: Morning Call