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Biden’s New Plan To Derail Trump’s 2024 Run


Biden is doing everything in his power to remain president.

The Biden campaign is intensifying its criticism of former President Trump, who is positioned as the leading candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination, setting the stage for a potential rematch with President Biden. Throughout the week, the campaign has launched a series of daily memos outlining the potential consequences of a second Trump term, focusing on issues such as abortion rights, the economy, and immigration. This offensive comes in response to provocative comments from Trump, who compared his political adversaries to “vermin.”

According to The Hill, the direct attacks coincide with several polls indicating that Trump is ahead of Biden in key battleground states and on a national level. Some of Biden’s allies feel that this strategy is long overdue. Former Sen. Claire McCaskill emphasized the need for the Biden team to shift attention to the “binary choice” between someone who poses a threat to democracy and someone who would lead a competent government.

In the past week, the Biden campaign aggressively targeted Trump, releasing a series of memos titled “Trump’s America in 2025” to underscore the stakes in the upcoming election. These memos argue that a second Trump term could lead to a national abortion ban, the end of birthright citizenship, threats to democracy, the implementation of large-scale detention camps for undocumented immigrants, and the separation of immigrant families.


The campaign capitalized on Trump’s Veterans Day comments, where he pledged to “root out” political opponents, drawing parallels to language used by historical dictators. Biden’s campaign spokesperson, Ammar Moussa, stated that four more years of Trump would undermine American values, urging voters to protect democracy.

President Biden also took a confrontational stance towards Trump during a campaign fundraiser in San Francisco, explicitly mentioning Trump’s name multiple times. Biden attributed changes in abortion policies and healthcare access to Trump, portraying him as responsible for stripping away fundamental rights from the American people.

Despite Trump’s dominance in Republican presidential primary polls, Biden allies believe there is sufficient time before the election to remind voters of Trump’s policy proposals and suitability for the presidency. They argue that once Trump officially becomes the GOP nominee, he will face increased scrutiny, and voters will be reminded of the choices they have in the upcoming election.