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Biden’s Secret Exposed


Biden didn’t want Americans to know this…

None other than President Biden’s former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has exposed President Biden and the Democrats by saying “they will lose” the midterms if they make the narrative about Joe Biden.

According to Newsmax, Psaki warned that Republicans will exploit Democrats’ failures in areas such as crime and the economy.

During her segment on NBC, Psaki stated, “Look, I think that Democrats, if the election is about who is the most extreme, as we saw, you know, [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy touch on there with [Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene [R-Ga.], I’ll say her name, sitting over his left side, then they’re going to win.”


Psaki then explained, “If it is a referendum on the president, they will lose, and they know that. They also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats — I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities.”

She later stated, “So, yes, the economy is hanging over everything, but you have [to] look at state-by-state factors, and crime is a huge issue in the Pennsylvania race.”

Psaki then called on President Biden to get to work with the campaigning if the Democrats hope to maintain control of the House and Senate.