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Breaking: Biden Being Impeached

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Representative Greg Steube, a Republican from Florida, took a leading step among his fellow party members on Friday by introducing articles of impeachment against President Biden.

According to Fox, while various congressional committees are constructing a multi-faceted case for the removal of President Biden from office, Steube emphasized that the time had come for decisive action. He lodged articles of impeachment against President Biden, asserting that the President had been involved in his son Hunter’s alleged unlawful activities and had actively shielded him from legal consequences.

In a statement, Steube declared, “The moment has arrived to initiate the impeachment process against Joe Biden. His actions have eroded the credibility of his position, brought dishonor to the Presidency, breached the trust vested in him as President, and displayed conduct that undermines the principles of law and justice, all at the expense of the American people.”

Steube submitted four articles of impeachment, each alleging serious offenses committed by Biden.

The initial article accuses the President of misusing the authority of his office by allegedly accepting bribes, engaging in extortion according to the Hobbs Act, and perpetrating honest services fraud, all related to his official capacity. These charges stem from President Biden’s purported involvement in his family’s business affairs, including allegations that Hunter and James Biden (the President’s brother) sought to trade access to then-Vice President Biden between 2009 and 2017 in exchange for monetary gains and business prospects from both domestic and foreign business partners.

In a memo published on Wednesday, Rep. James Comer, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, claimed that foreign payments received by the Biden family surpassed $20 million. However, Democrats assert that no evidence supports the notion that President Biden personally accepted payments or engaged in wrongdoing.

The second article asserts that President Biden obstructed justice, citing testimony from an IRS whistleblower who alleged that members of the Biden campaign colluded improperly with officials from the Justice Department to impede investigations into potential tax violations committed by Hunter Biden. Both the Justice Department and special counsel David Weiss, appointed to investigate Hunter Biden, have refuted claims that the Biden administration hindered Weiss’ inquiry.

The third and fourth articles accuse President Biden of perpetrating “fraud” and financing Hunter Biden’s illegal drug use and interactions with prostitutes, respectively.

Steube affirmed, “The evidence is amassing daily – the Biden family has profited personally from Joe’s political positions through means of bribery, coercion, and deception. Joe Biden must not continue to hold the position of power in the White House, jeopardizing our nation’s integrity.”

Simultaneously, Steube introduced a bill that mandates the Chief of the Secret Service to produce a report concerning the illicit consumption of controlled substances at the White House. This legislation comes after the Secret Service concluded an investigation into cocaine discovered at the White House the previous month, without identifying any suspects. Steube named the bill the “Helping Understand Narcotics Traces at the Executive Residence (HUNTER) Act.”

He stated, “The United States Secret Service prides itself as one of the world’s premier law enforcement agencies. It is unacceptable that the Secret Service failed to ascertain the source of cocaine within one of the world’s most secure structures. The public deserves answers. My bill seeks information regarding the closed investigation into the July incident and focuses on Congress’s role in preventing future illicit substance use at the White House.”

Steube’s impeachment articles have moved ahead of at least four investigations led by Republican-controlled committees that are exploring avenues to impeach President Biden or his senior officials. The White House has dismissed proposals to remove President Biden from office.