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BREAKING: Fox In Cahoots With Democrats

BREAKING: Fox In Cahoots With Democrats


Since when does Fox News do damage control for the left?

Just when we think we have seen everything, Fox’s Chris Wallace somehow manages to stoop even lower than we could imagine.

Today, on his most recent airing of “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace decided to do damage control for the left and FALSELY told his viewers that Democrats don’t actually mean it when they shout “defund the police” in the streets and on mainstream media.



According to Breitbart, Wallace stated, “The defund police thing is certainly a call from protestors and people on the left-wing, the far left of the Democratic Party. But it isn’t just Joe Biden. The vast majority of Democratic leaders in this country are not supporting that.

Then when discussing their literal phrase “defund the police,” Wallace said “They are not talking about defunding police. I understand there is something of a split in the party, but I gotta say the vast majority of the party doesn’t want to go that far among other reasons because they know it’s too far to the left, too extreme for the vast majority of voters in this country.”

Wallace then said, “There are people on the far left of the party, the so-called Squad, people like Ilhan Omar, but we have seen this before whether it was on the Green New Deal or Medicare for all that certainly is an element of the party, but not the majority of the party. The Democrats seem to be united very much among the more moderate liberalism, certainly liberal, certainly to the left of the Republicans, but not the extreme left that you have seen among in members of the Squad. When it comes down to the election, and it’s a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, do I have any doubt where Ilhan Omar is going to go? No. She’s going to vote for Joe Biden.”

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