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Cheney And Pelosi Team Up


Cheney is unhinged.

In a surprising turn of events, just before the midterm elections Republican Liz Cheney has flipped on her own party and has called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “tremendous leader”.

As you know, Cheney was voted out and after the midterms she will be out of the House. Apparently she has decided to give Pelosi a major endorsement before leaving.

According to Fox, Cheney stated in a recent interview, “I want to say a word about Speaker Pelosi. Everyone knows she is a liberal from San Francisco [and] I am a conservative from Wyoming, there are many, many issues, maybe most issues, on which we disagree. But I think that she is a tremendous leader.”


Cheney then added, “I’ve watched her up close. She is a leader of historic consequence.” 

She then praised Pelosi for creating the Jan 6 Committee so she and the Democrats could continue to investigate Trump even after he left the presidency.

“I think the demonization that goes on both sides — certainly Republicans have, through the years, demonized Speaker Pelosi and Democrats have demonized Republicans including my dad [former Vice President Dick Cheney] — all has to stop,” Cheney added.

Did Cheney forget that she was the one who was demonizing former President Donald Trump which led to her losing her place in the Republican party to begin with?