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CNN Blasts NY Mayor For “Stupidest Idea” Yet

CNN Blasts NY Mayor For “Stupidest Idea” Yet


CNN might actually be right for once!

As New York City remains overwhelmed with residents infected by the coronavirus, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio said something so stupid that even CNN had to stop lying for once!

According to the Washington Examiner, CNN’s Jake Tapper called de Blasio’s plan to throw a ticker tape parade for healthcare providers when the virus subsides, the “stupidest idea” he’s ever heard.

During a press conference this week de Blasio stated he wants to hold “the biggest, best parade” to honor the health workers.

“I want to guarantee you one thing, that when that day comes that I can restart the vibrant, beautiful life of this city again, the first thing we will do is have a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes for our health care workers and our first responders,” de Blasio said.

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