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WOW: Biden’s Press Secretary Chokes On Camera

WOW: Biden’s Press Secretary Chokes On Camera


She sure isn’t Kayleigh McEnany.

For four years the mainstream media and fraud reporters such as Jim Acosta mercilessly attacked Donald Trump’s press secretaries such as Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany.

Now it appears that even when given soft ball questions Biden’s press sec. Jen Psaki still cant do it!

According to Trending Politics, Psaki was asked to follow up on a previously asked question about COVID vaccination centers.

The reporter asked, “Does the White House support that request?”

Then, like a high schooler who didn’t prepare for the test, Psaki stated, “Uh… I did ask our team about this. You or someone else asked about this the other day and I think I have something on it here… One moment.”

Then after an awkward delay, Psaki stated, “Thanks for your patience… Lots to say about COVID…. No doubt about it. Um… so… mmmmm… Let me, let me, let me talk to our team about it.


Is Jen Psaki A Good Press Secretary?