Monday, May 16, 2022
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Democrat TURNS On Biden

He wasn’t expecting this.

Rep. Seth Moulton stated that Biden failed with his response to the current crisis in Afghanistan saying that it was a “f—g disaster.” He seemed to be very displeased that the Democratic party is not holding the Biden administration accountable for the ongoing crisis.

He added that the administration needs to do more to help U.S citizens and allies that are stuck in the country. He stated that he did not want to stand up against President Joe Biden but had to say the “truth.”

Moutan said, “I did everything I could. I mean, I would get on these calls with like a small number of members of Congress, mostly Democrats, who would all very politely say, ‘We love you Biden administration, but can you do a little bit more on this.’”  

He added, “I would be the only one who would just say starkly, ‘Here are the stakes. People are going to die.’”

He continued, “If telling the truth is what’s required to save a few lives, then it’s worth all the bad politics in the world.”


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