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Father Of Fallen Soldier Exposes Biden


Biden can’t even act like he cares about American soldiers.

In a recent episode on MSNBC, host Jen Psaki’s comments regarding President Biden’s watch-checking behavior during a solemn ceremony for fallen U.S. service members in the wake of the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021 have sparked intense backlash from Gold Star families. Darin Hoover, father of the late SSgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, who lost his life in the Kabul airport bombing, expressed his outrage on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, labeling Psaki as “vile” and accusing her of attempting to profit from their children’s sacrifices while whitewashing the failures of the Biden administration.

Psaki, who previously served as White House press secretary before Karine Jean-Pierre, faced criticism for her portrayal of the event in her book, “Say More,” where she claimed that President Biden never glanced at his watch during the ceremony. However, reports from Axios contradicted her account, citing photographic evidence and testimonies from Gold Star families who attested to witnessing Biden checking his watch multiple times.

Following the uproar online, Psaki conceded to removing the disputed detail from future editions of her book, acknowledging the factual inaccuracies. Despite her attempts to downplay the incident, Gold Star families remain steadfast in their assertion that Biden’s actions were insensitive and disrespectful during the ceremony.

Steve Nikoui, father of Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui, echoed Hoover’s sentiments on Hannity’s show, denouncing the administration’s pattern of deception and manipulation of facts to suit their agenda. He emphasized the administration’s disregard for truth and accountability, exemplified by their handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and subsequent attempts to rewrite history.

Representative Darrell Issa, alongside Gold Star fathers, highlighted the broader implications of Psaki’s controversy, emphasizing the administration’s failure to address lingering issues stemming from the chaotic withdrawal. The unresolved issues, including securing justice for Gold Star families and assisting Afghan allies, underscored the administration’s shortcomings.

The discussion continued as Mark Schmitz, another Gold Star father who attended the ceremony, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to share his perspective. Schmitz condemned Psaki’s remarks as insensitive and ill-informed, reaffirming that Biden’s actions were a painful reminder of the administration’s mishandling of the Afghanistan crisis.

Schmitz called for accountability from both Psaki and her employer, MSNBC, urging them to take responsibility for spreading misinformation and disrespecting the memory of the fallen service members. He expressed his intention to explore legal avenues to address the matter further, underscoring the seriousness of the issue for Gold Star families.