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Informant Calls FBI On Trump


This is not good at all.

Close allies of former President Donald Trump now strongly believe that an aide or multiple aides likely flipped on Trump and provided certain evidence to the FBI that resulted in his Mar-A-Lago home being raided by federal agents.

According to Insider, it is being reported that people who are close to Trump are feeling paranoid following the raid.

The FBI is claiming that they were looking for 15 boxes of documents which Trump allegedly “took” from the White House after his presidency.

Furthermore according to Newsweek, two senior government informed them that a confidential human source told the FBI exactly what classified documents Trump had and where they were being stored.

The raid was also purposely timed to when the FBI knew that Trump was away form his home.


Trump’s personal attorney Christina Bobb said that Trump’s legal team has had several discussions with the Justice Department in the spring regarding the documents which were kept in the basement of the Mar-A-Lago. She explained that officials looked through several boxes and asked that they be better secured.

They went on to describe that the raid which just occurred was focused on determining whether Trump withheld items that the DOJ requested from Trump.

Trump even went as far as saying that he’d cooperated with the National Archives and DOJ and returned all the items which were requested by the White House.

Bobb explained that after the raid the FBI agents took an additional 12 boxes from Trump and Trump admitted that the agents broke into his personal safe.

It is unclear if there is an informant or multiple informants working in the Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home however many believe that these individuals are giving the FBI private details.