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Jon Stewart Makes Pelosi Look Stupid


Stewart exposed Pelosi and a number of other Democrats and it’s about time the American people finally see the truth.

In a scathing critique titled “How Dumb Is You?”, comedian Jon Stewart didn’t hold back as he dissected allegations of corruption involving Democrats such as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Bob Menendez, and Hunter Biden during a recent segment.

Beginning with Menendez, Stewart slammed the senator’s alleged transgressions as “f—— awful,” highlighting the irony of such behavior in a position of significant authority. He pointed out the absurdity of breaking the law when legal avenues for enrichment are readily available within the Senate, citing the pervasive influence of money in politics.

Transitioning to Pelosi, Stewart criticized her stance on stock trading by members of Congress, emphasizing the inherent privilege embedded in such practices. He questioned the fairness of allowing elected officials to engage in stock trading while ordinary citizens lack comparable access to crucial information.


Drawing attention to Hunter Biden’s involvement, Stewart highlighted the murky waters of political nepotism, particularly in light of Biden’s admission regarding the influence of his surname. With a touch of humor, Stewart pointed to the surreal nature of a former crack addict appearing as the most candid figure amidst a narrative of government corruption.

Throughout the segment, Stewart didn’t hesitate to call out other politicians, including Sen. Tommy Tuberville and former GOP Sen. Richard Burr, highlighting the widespread nature of ethical lapses within the political sphere.

As Menendez faces his second federal corruption trial, Stewart’s critique serves as a reminder of the systemic issues plaguing American politics. Despite protestations of innocence from the accused, the ongoing legal proceedings cast a shadow over the integrity of the political process.

Stewart’s biting commentary prompts viewers to reflect on the state of governance and accountability in modern society, leaving lingering questions about the true cost of political power and influence.