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Kamala’s Future DOOMED

Kamala’s Future DOOMED


Even more bad news from the White House.

If you thought the tension between Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden were just rumors, this might change your perspective.

It is now being reported that Kamala’s own Communications Director Ashley Etienne has distanced herself from the failing vice president and resigned from her position!

Kamala is doing such a bad job that people are willing to give up prestigious White House jobs because they don’t want to ruin their reputations!


Currently, Kamala’s approval rating sits at an all time low of 28% among Democrat voters. That is unheard of. Rumors swirled recently of V.P. Harris complaining that she felt “misused” by President Biden and Harris quickly did damage control and said it wasn’t true.

According to the Vanity Fair, Communications Director Ashley Etienne is no amateur, she worked in the Obama administration and was a senior advisor for both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

so it’s fair to say that Etienne knows what she is doing. Tensions must be VERY high within the Kamala camp for her to leave so abruptly.

Kamala also recently noted that her and President Biden haven’t considered running together in 2024 which is very peculiar.