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Meadows Backstabs Trump

Everything is a mess!

Mark Meadows new book, The Chief’s Chief, reveals how “despondent” former President Donald Trump was after the Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas case to overturn the 2020 election.

Trump was evidently so certain that his three appointed justices would hand him a victory that he and Meadows agreed that they couldn’t “believe” the decision to ignore the case.

“Considering what had occurred during the last four years, it was sadly believable,” Meadows claimed.

But when it comes to the way Meadows understood the cases brought to court, he made it clear he didn’t fully grasp the reality of the election lawsuits brought by Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

According to the report, Trump has complained that the book, “The Chief’s Chief,” is “f*cking stupid.”

“In his efforts to write a hit book, Meadows apparently failed to fully grasp that what he confessed to amounted to a massive cover-up, led by Trump and himself, that needlessly endangered the lives of staff, family, military families, and various guests of the White House, as well as now-President Joe Biden. Whether Meadows realized it or not, it’s an incredible story,” the report states before adding, “Trump’s displeasure toward Meadows this week was volcanic.”