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Media Says This Proves Trump Is A Traitor


here’s what the left is saying…

The mental gymnastics liberals go through to incriminate Trump is insane.

As you already know, former President Donald Trump was raided by the FBI seemingly out of nowhere. The Republicans know it was a political attack against Biden’s rival but the Democrats are blatantly claiming it is not.

Now Liberals and the mainstream media have gone as far as claiming that Trump was using those documents as a “get out of jail free” card because he knew he was going to jail.


According to Newsweek, Trump’s former personal attorney who many would call a “conman” Michael Cohen sat down with CNN and said that Trump purposely kept “sensitive” classified documents at Mar-a-Lago so he could use it as “get out of jail free” card if he was ever arrested.

Cohen alleged to CNN, “The second they would put him in handcuffs, he would turn around and say I have the documentation showing, for example, where our nuclear launch pads are. This is what I believe: He would use it and say, if you proceed with this, I’m telling you right now there are 20 of my loyal supporters, you don’t know who they are, but we will release that information to Russia, to Iran, to whoever it might be.”

Cohen then claimed that Trump “doesn’t care about this country.”

Trump was already in a several month long conversation with the National Archives and DOJ about the documents he possessed. If Trump truly went to the extreme of creating a “get out of jail free” card wouldn’t the FBI have already raided him by now like the media is alleging?