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Melania and Trump Jr. Secret Exposed


This was unexpected.

In a shocking new discovery, it has been learned that former First Lady Melania Trump distrusted a number of people who were in former President Donald Trump’s closest inner circle.

Some of the people Melania Trump didn’t trust included chief of staff Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr. and more.

According to The Hill, this discovery was made after ex-White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham gave a recent testimony.

Grisham began by explaining that Melania Trump was “wary” of Trump’s closest advisors such as Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis who she believes were trying to overturn the election.


Grisham later added that Melania Trump’s mistrust of those individuals later extended onto former President Trump’s son Donald Jr. and his fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Grisham explained that Melania Trump “never trusted that they were doing things in the best interest of their — Don Jr’s father.”

She went on to explain that Melania Trump was “very angry” at Mark Meadows for giving access to “people who were maybe harmful to the president, giving him bad advice.”

“And Mrs. Trump never liked it when people would tell Trump what he wanted to hear rather than the truth or the reality of the situation, and she felt that Meadows was always just playing into his hand,” Grisham added.  

Grisham added that at one point Melania Trump wanted to reach out to Jill Biden to help her transition better into her new role as First Lady but later backed out for unknown reasons.