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Republican Traitor Calls GOP What?


This is crazy.

In a Twitter post, Adam Kinzinger, a former Representative, directed criticism towards prominent Republicans whom he referred to as “Russia lovers“. This comes at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing internal turmoil due to a rebellion led by the Wagner Group.

According to Newsweek, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner Group and a former ally of Putin, recently rebelled against the Russian defense ministry. He accused the Russian military of launching attacks on his group’s positions in Ukraine and went on to assert that Putin had initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine based on false pretenses. Prigozhin’s mercenary group has been actively involved in military operations alongside Russian forces since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war in February of last year.

Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, singled out several individuals in his tweet on Friday. These included former President Donald Trump, GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, and Republican Senators Ted Cruz from Texas and Josh Hawley from Missouri. He also mentioned former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former Representative Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii. It is worth noting that Gabbard, who previously served in Congress as a Democrat, left the party last year and has aligned herself with conservatives on various issues. All the individuals highlighted by Kinzinger have expressed criticism towards U.S. military support for Ukraine and, in some instances, have shown favorability towards Russia.

Kinzinger tweeted, “It appears the dream of @TuckerCarlson @tedcruz @HawleyMO @TulsiGabbard @RepMTG and so many more of a strong Russia are evaporating even faster. Tag your favorite Russia lover.”


He then doubled down and wrote, “Good morning to everyone except those who thought Russia was a stable, strong country with which to model ourselves after. I’m thinking like @HawleyMO and @TuckerCarlson and of course Trump. Many of us knew it would fall apart. Just a bit earlier than most expected.”

On Friday, in a tweet posted in the afternoon, the former congressman derided Carlson and Gabbard, along with “all the Trumps and their loyal supporters,” while sharing the news about Prigozhin’s rebellion.

In April of that year, Kinzinger took to Twitter to express his views, stating, “Now that we have witnessed proof of mass graves in Ukraine, along with images depicting the atrocities against innocent civilians, it is imperative that we demand @TuckerCarlson to be held accountable for his support of this conflict.”

During a CNN appearance on Friday, Kinzinger described Prigozhin’s position on the Russian military as a significant setback for Carlson. Kinzinger accused Carlson of blindly echoing Putin’s talking points and spreading falsehoods.