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Pelosi Spreads Nasty Lies About GOP


Pelosi is out of her mind.

A number of top Republicans unloaded on Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she trashed the GOP’s Commitment to America package by calling it an “extremist agenda.” 

According to Fox News, everyone from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to Republican Elise Stefanik blasted Pelosi for what they called was pure lies.

The Commitment to America package which was recently released aims to fix a number of issues including parental rights in the United States and the economy if the Republicans can win the House in the midterms.

Pelosi attacked the new Republican package and said, “Today’s rollout is the latest evidence of House Republicans’ whole-hearted commitment to MAGA: going all-in on an extremist agenda designed to greatly diminish Americans’ health, freedom and security.”


Kevin McCarthy heard enough from Pelosi and responded, “Because the Democrats have caused inflation, crime in our streets by defunding the police, runaway spending causing inflation. Going after American energy and making the price of gas, causing inflation. This is a plan to fix the problems the Democrats have created, and I think the American public should have an election based upon ideas.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise slammed Pelosi as well and said, “When she says American energy independence is extreme, I think people know who’s the extremist. When she says securing our border is extreme, so we don’t have over 100,000 young people die from fentanyl, she’s showing herself to be the extremist.”

Republican Elise Stefanik took an even more brazen shot at Pelosi and said that she knows she’s 46 days away from being fired and is panicking.

“We are proud to lead the way,” Stefanik stated taunting Pelosi. “House Republicans are on a mission to save this country. We have a Commitment to America, and I can promise you we will fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all.”

President Biden and the Democrats have driven this country into the ground. Republicans are planning immediately reverse a number of the policies they just need the House to do so.