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VIDEO: Pelosi Accused Of Working For China

Why would Pelosi say this?

In light of remarks made by Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi urging collaboration between the U.S. and China, Republican Senator Ted Cruz raised doubts about whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was involved in writing her statement for her.

According to Newsmax, Cruz held nothing back against Pelosi and wrote on Twitter, “Did the CCP write those remarks?”

Ted Cruz was commenting to a video The Republican National Committee’s research arm tweeted from The Atlantic featuring footage of a forum on the future of global democracy at SXSW.

In the video, Pelosi can be heard saying, “Here’s the thing, you can’t just go after China with a cudgel. You have to say, ‘We have to live on this planet together. How can we work together to save the planet from climate change?'”

“They are essential in that discussion. How can we work with them on issues when we can find common ground,” Pelosi added.