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Republican Party Drops Trump


Some conservatives are furious.

In a move that has enraged some Republican voters, the Republican National Committee recently concluded in one of their meetings that they will remain fully “neutral” when it comes to the 2024 GOP presidential primaries and won’t give Trump any advantages over other Republican presidential candidates.

According to NBC, the Republican National Committee has been very closely linked to Donald Trump’s political operations however the RNC wants to be impartial and not give any favoritism to Trump.

The topic of neutrality was one of the biggest factors when it came down to who would be the RNC chair in the most recent race for the chair which Ronna McDaniel ended up winning against Harmeet Dhillon.


RNC committeeman Jonathan Barnett, who endorsed Harmeet Dhillon to win said, “If you look at our rules, we can individually support who we want to. The chair is not supposed to, but, I mean, that’s a joke. Because she has her job because of him. She may act like she’s saying she’s neutral, but look at the appearance.”

Harmeet Dhillon criticized the RNC for showing favoritism to only Trump and said, “I think just about everybody in this room, in the front of the room, in front of the velvet ropes, voted for President Trump twice. But if the party is not perceived as a neutral body and a level playing field for all presidential candidates, that further disengages our voters.”

It appears that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is also worried about the RNC showing favoritism to Trump because he also endorsed Harmeet Dhillon for the position but Dhillon ended up not winning.