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Republicans Dump Trump

This is quite interesting.

While the entire Republican Party already knows that former President Donald Trump is the most favored candidate for 2024, it appears they are growing tired of Trump not officially announcing that he will run again.

According to Fox, because of Trump’s decision not to formally announce his run yet, they already looking to see who will take the role as the GOP nominee because Trump is taking too long.

During a recent interview, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked if the “2024 field was frozen” because Trump has not yet announced his run. Pompeo responded, “I don’t.”

Pompeo then said, “President Trump was perfect, perfect for 2016. We needed that kind of disruption. If I come to conclude that I’m the right person to carry that mantle forward, I will go and try and make that case to the American people starting in the great state of Iowa.”

Pompeo isn’t the only Republican who is ready to hit the ground running if Trump decides to not run either.

Republican Nikki Haley isn’t backing down from the challenge either and told Fox, “I don’t think I have to make that decision until the first of next year. I’ve never lost a race. I’m not going to start now.  If there’s a place for me, I will put 1000% and we’ll finish it.”

While it appears the the GOP hasn’t necessarily “dumped” Trump, it has become very clear that many people within the party are growing tired of him continuously teasing at running in 2024 and want him to officially announce it. Either way with top Republicans such as Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and more ready to step in, it is safe to say the GOP is in very good hands.