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Schumer’s Shocking Confession


Democrats are doomed.

It has now been learned that during a private dinner, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer panicked and confessed to fellow colleagues that he knows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are going to lose the House.

According to Fox, Chuck Schumer and six other Democratic senators were seen dining out at the Italian restaurant Trattoria Albert in Washington. The group of Democrats were talking loud enough for others around them to hear and several people reported the details of the conversation to the media.

Schumer explained that he was confident Democrats would keep the Senate but Republicans had about a 60% chance of taking the House from them.


Other Democrats who were at the dinner included Chris Coons, Mark Kelly, Chris Van Hollen, Tom Carper, John Hickenlooper, and Dick Durbin.

What’s even more interesting is that Schumer attacked Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy at the dinner and said that he “sucked up to” former President Donald Trump and he strongly believes Trump is going to run in 2024.

After the stunning accusations came out about Schumer’s comments at the dinner, Schumer’s office did not reach out for a comment about the story.

Is appears that top Democrats are already preparing to lose the House. What they seem to be misunderstanding is that Americans are angrier than ever before and are about to hand Republicans the Senate as well.