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Supreme Court Breaks The Law


Is the media targeting the Supreme Court?

In a new report from CNN, it is being alleged that even before the leak of a draft opinion reversing Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court was using personal email accounts to discuss sensitive matters instead of the secure servers that the government provides to them.

According to CNN, they claim to have “multiple sources” that knows how the court operates that shows the Supreme Court is endangering security which lead to the recent SCOTUS leak.

CNN is also alleging that Supreme Court employees used printers that didn’t keep logs of what was being printed and they were able to print secure documents off site. They are also accusing the Supreme Court of not using “burn bags” which ensure the safe destruction of very important materials.


“This has been going on for years,” one former Supreme Court employee said.

Another court employee is alleged to have told CNN that the Supreme Court justices were “not masters of information security protocol.”

Sadly, while it appears that while these accusations made by CNN may or may not be true, it is also important to remember that Democrats hate the fact that the Supreme Court is controlled by conservatives at the moment.

Democrats know that the only way to take back control of the Supreme Court is get conservative justices impeached so Biden can elect new judges to the court. Any criticisms of the Supreme Court needs to be taken with a grain of salt because there could be ulterior motives at play here.