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Trump-Backed Candidate Beats Out 20 Year Veteran


This is huge!

It’s strongly beginning to look like that Trump-backed Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka will defeat Alaska’s Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

According to Fox News, experts have analyzed that Republicans have a 99% chance at winning next month’s Alaska senate election and what’s even more interesting is that Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka is expected to win by 53% against Murkowski.

Tshibaka is in a tight race with Lisa Murkowski. The Alaska Senator has repeatedly feuded with former President Donald Trump on a number of issues.

Murkowski has also voted with the Democrats who were trying to impeaching Donald Trump and has worked very closely with them in the past as well. Republican voters are also very upset with Murkowski for continuing to help President Biden when he needed her most.

Former President Donald Trump vowed to purge Republican traitors from Congress and it looks like he is making his promise come true.