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Trump Sleeps With Classified Documents


This actually makes sense.

As you may already know, news was circulating recently about former President Donald Trump having an empty folder that was labeled “Classified Evening Summary” in his possession and Democrats used it to attack him and push bogus lies and theories about why he had it.

Now it appears that the truth has been revealed and the real reason Trump had the folder is actually quite funny.

According to The Hill, It appears that Trump was using the empty folder to prevent light from shining in his eyes when he was sleeping at night.


Trump’s attorney Timothy Parlatore explained, “He has one of those landline telephones next to his bed, and it has a blue light on it, and it keeps him up at night. So he took the manilla folder and put it over so it would keep the light down so he could sleep at night.

“It’s just this folder. It says ‘Classified Evening Summary’ on it. It’s not a classification marking. It’s not anything that is controlled in any way. There is nothing illegal about it,” Parlatore added.

Democrats and the mainstream media made a massive deal about the empty folder which ended up being returned to the Justice Department in December however it appears that Trump was using it for nothing more than to keep the light out of his eyes.

Parlatore then called out the White House for not taking the proper steps to keep their documents safe. He explained, “What … you’ve seen here and also in the Biden and Pence investigations is that the White House does not have proper procedures for handling classified information. And these documents, when they get packed up and sent out when people leave office, they do keep showing up, if you will.”