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Trump Tells DeSantis To Back Off

Here’s what happened…

As 2024 approached everyone in the Republican Party knows they will soon have to make a decision about who they will support to run against Biden in 2024. Will it be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or former President Donald Trump?

While it is a reality that everyone in the GOP must face, former President Trump has already drawn a line in the sand and is reminded people that it was him who gave DeSantis his start in politics.

According to Newsmax, Trump stated in a new interview, “I was very responsible for him getting elected, as you know, but I have a very good relationship with him.”

Trump then said he doubts DeSantis will run for the presidency in 2024 by saying, “I don’t know that he wants to run. Now, I have a good relationship with Ron. I don’t know that he wants to run.”

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump added.

In the past Trump stated that he believes DeSantis would be a very good running mate. However, if DeSantis does try to run against him, Trump said he would win no matter what.