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Proof: Kamala, The Worst Vice-President In History

She must be humiliated.

This is so pathetic. We all know Vice President Kamala Harris is not a popular leader and now the numbers prove it.

It has now been learned that the DNC has now reduced the cost that donors have to pay to get a photograph with Vice President Kamala Harris from $15,000 per photo to just $5,000 a photo.

The move comes just one week after the Democratic National Committee postponed a major fundraiser which was supposed to be headlined by Kamala Harris.

While Biden is unpopular Democrats are shocked to see just how wildly unpopular Kamala Harris has become since taking office.

Harris is so unpopular that a Zogby Poll found that Kamala Harris is THIRD when it comes to who Democrats want to run for president in 2024. Former First Lady Michelle Obama took second place behind Biden with 16% support and Kamala came in third with just 11% support.