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Trump Family Under Attack


Democrats just won’t quit.

It has now been learned that a House committee has just launched a massive investigation into former Trump White House adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner for a recent $2 billion investment that he received into his private equity company from a wealth fund that is owned by Saudi Arabia’s crown prince.

According to Axios, Democrat House Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Carolyn Maloney launched to investigation and claimed that the investigation was looking to see if “whether your personal financial interests improperly influenced U.S. foreign policy during the administration of your father-in-law, former President Trump.” 

Kushner has denied any wrongdoing on his behalf and claims innocence.


Maloney added, “The Committee is concerned by your decision to solicit billions of dollars from the Saudi government immediately following your significant involvement in shaping U.S.-Saudi relations.”

“Your close relationship with Crown Prince bin Salman, your pro-Saudi positions during the Trump Administration, and PIF’s decision to fund the lion’s share of your new business venture — only six months after the end of your White House tenure — create the appearance of a quid pro quo for your foreign policy work during the Trump Administration,” Maloney added.

It appears that no matter what happens, if anyone is connected to former President Donald Trump in any way, Democrats will come after you in attempts of destroying Trump’s name and family.