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President Trump’s Confession Sparks Outrage


Democrats are playing a very dirty game.

Former President Donald Trump reiterated his belief that the legal actions taken against him are part of a broader strategy by Democrats to hinder his political ambitions and prevent him from returning to the White House. Speaking at the South Dakota GOP convention, Trump emphasized how his current legal troubles were a direct result of his leading position in the polls.

According to Newsmax, He expressed frustration over how favorable polling data seemed to trigger additional legal scrutiny. Trump even humorously contemplated declaring poor performance to avoid further legal actions, saying, “Maybe I should announce, ‘I’m doing horribly; it’s horrible, I’m going to withdraw.'”

“If I was in third or fourth place, or if I wasn’t running — I’d be living the life of Riley — I wouldn’t be here with you tonight, but I’d be living the life, beautiful houses all over the place,” Trump said.


Trump added, “I’d be living a beautiful life. They wouldn’t indict me. They indicted me because I’m in first place.”

In Trump’s view, these legal actions are a form of election interference aimed at any individual associated with him. He argued that the ultimate objective of these tactics was to disrupt elections and make it more challenging for Republicans and conservatives to secure victories.

Trump also called on congressional Republicans, specifically criticizing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for not being tough enough in response to these legal actions. He suggested defunding the Department of Justice and prosecutors involved in what he viewed as politically motivated indictments against conservatives and Republicans. According to Trump, this was part of an ongoing effort to sideline his allies using illicit means.