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Biden Sends “Lethal Assistance”

Biden Sends “Lethal Assistance”


Here’s what will happen now….

In a shocking turn of events, President Biden and the Pentagon appears to be ignoring Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to not interfere whatsoever with his invasion of Ukraine.

Putin threatened that any country that attempts to interfere would face “consequences that you have never encountered in your history.”

Now the Pentagon has alerted news outlets that they are looking for ways to deliver ‘lethal assistance’ to Ukraine to help them with their battle against the Russians.


According to Newsmax, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby stated, “I’ll be very clear here: We are going to provide additional security assistance for Ukraine. We will. How that is going to be done is still being worked out.”

Kirby added, “And we’re very actively engaged in those efforts to help them better defend themselves through both lethal and nonlethal assistance.

“We’re continuing to look for ways to support Ukraine to defend themselves,” Kirby explained.

“The airspace over Ukraine is contested.┬áThe Russians don’t have superiority of it, it’s contested,” he added.