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Biden Victorious, America Suffers


This is just sad.

After constant attacks from President Biden and his administration, Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey is now being forced to stop the construction of a border wall which was being made from shipping containers at the southern border.

According to Fox News, Governor Ducey was forced to reach a settlement with President Biden’s Department of Justice where they agreed to stop construction and take down the border due to encroachment on national forest lands.

Arizona will now have to remove all previously installed shipping containers including other equipment, materials, vehicles and other objects in the U.S. Border Patrol Yuma Sector.


The agreement came exactly one week after President Biden filed a lawsuit against Governor Ducey.

A spokesperson for Governor Ducey explained, “For more than a year, the federal government has been touting their effort to resume construction of a permanent border barrier. Finally, after the situation on our border has turned into a full-blown crisis, they’ve decided to act. Better late than never.”

“We’re working with the federal government to ensure they can begin construction of this barrier with the urgency this problem demands,”  Ducey’s office explained. 

Arizona had used more than 3,000 shipping containers and spent over $95 million to put up the barrier however now thanks to President Biden all of that work and money will be wasted for them to end up back at square one.