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China Issues Warning To Trump

China Issues Warning To Trump


They are very serious about this.

China has come out and demanded that President Trump and the United States immediately reverse their decision to suspend funding for World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Breitbart, President Trump recently ordered a hold on funds sent to the WHO until they get answers for why they didn’t properly warn the world about the coronavirus.

Now, “China is seriously concerned about the U.S. announcement to suspend funding for the World Health Organization,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said.

“The current global epidemic situation is grim. It is at a critical moment. This U.S. decision will weaken WHO’s capacities and undermine the international cooperation against the epidemic.”


We urge the United States to earnestly fulfill their responsibilities and obligations, and support the WHO-led international action against the epidemic,” Zhao added.

The United States gave over $400 million last year to the WHO making up roughly 15 percent of its budget.

“China has always supported the leading role played by the WHO in the international fight against the epidemic… China will look into the relevant issues depending on the needs of the situation,” Zhao said.

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