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Democrats Hang Biden Out To Dry


Democrats are sick of Biden it appears.

Concerns about President Biden’s age and fitness for the 2024 election have been voiced by anxious Democrats in discussions with the Washington Post. One Ohio Democrat, Sharon Sweda, emphasized the reality that advancing age makes mortality more imminent, a sentiment echoed by some Democratic voters.

According to Fox, Sharon Sweda, the leader of the Democratic Party in Lorain County, Ohio, candidly expressed the apprehension she often hears from Democratic voters regarding President Biden’s health. She pointed out that when individuals reach Biden’s age or even former President Trump’s age, the proverbial clock seems to tick faster, which is a legitimate concern for many voters.

Another Democratic lawmaker shared concerns about the possibility of President Biden securing the nomination and then being forced to withdraw from the race due to health issues. If re-elected, President Biden would be 86 at the end of his second term, a fact that troubles some within the party.

The worst-case scenario, according to one Democratic lawmaker, is if President Biden becomes the nominee but is unable to continue due to health problems. This scenario is viewed as a nightmare for Democrats, raising doubts about their chances in the election.

However, some Democrats dismissed these concerns by noting that former President Trump is only slightly younger than President Biden.

Recent polls indicate that the frontrunners from both parties are closely matched among potential 2024 voters.


Biden’s supporters and critics within the Democratic Party have suggested that he could gain an advantage in the race if he can overcome the growing perception among voters that his advanced age is his defining characteristic. Nonetheless, concerns about Biden’s age persist among Democrats, and prominent figures like James Carville have warned that it could become a significant liability for the party.

James Carville emphasized that voters do not favor a candidate of Biden’s age, which is evident in numerous polls. He expressed concern that these fears could lead to lower voter turnout, creating apprehension within the party.

Rep. Dean Phillips from Minnesota believes there are other Democratic candidates with a better chance of success who do not carry the actuarial risk associated with President Biden’s age.

In a recent column, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius advised both Biden and Vice President Harris to consider stepping aside from the race, despite his admiration for their accomplishments, to prevent potential damage to Biden’s legacy and the party’s chances.

Polls indicate a growing divide between party leaders and Democratic voters regarding their support for President Biden’s re-election bid. A CNN poll found that two-thirds of Democratic voters preferred an alternative candidate as the party’s primary choice, while only a quarter of those polled believed that Biden possessed the stamina and sharpness to serve effectively as president.

The White House has defended President Biden’s candidacy by highlighting his experience, accomplishments, and historic legislation during his tenure when questioned by reporters about the polling data.