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Hillary Says Trump Will Win In 2024?

Hillary is back to her treacherous ways.

Former Secretary of State and failed 2016 President Candidate Hillary Clinton recently discussed the political landscape for the 2024 presidential race, emphasizing her belief that former President Donald Trump is likely to secure the Republican nomination. However, she remains optimistic about President Joe Biden’s chances of defeating him and framed the potential rematch in a stark manner.

According to CNN, in an exclusive interview with Christiane Amanpour, Clinton made a sharp contrast between the two potential candidates. She asserted that one of them poses a significant threat to democracy, regularly flouts the law, and appeals to the worst aspects of our collective psyche, while the other has a track record of achieving tangible results. Clinton questioned why this should be a difficult choice for voters.

Clinton went on to praise President Biden for his accomplishments, highlighting key legislative victories like the substantial infrastructure spending package in 2021 and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which allowed the government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare recipients. She stressed that, beyond her personal support for Biden’s merits, choosing him over the alternative candidate is crucial to safeguarding democracy.

In a notable departure from her usual rhetoric, Clinton used strong language to describe the segment of the GOP base that still supports Trump, likening them to a “cult” and suggesting the need for a formal deprogramming effort. She further criticized Trump, stating that he has lost all credibility and is primarily motivated by self-interest.

Clinton’s comments followed a recent historic vote that removed then-Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy from his position, leaving Republicans searching for a replacement. A group of eight GOP lawmakers, led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, collaborated with Democrats in the 216-210 vote.

Reflecting on her tenure in the Senate, Clinton noted that there was not a comparable level of extremism within the Republican Party during that time. She asserted that McCarthy’s removal illustrates that the GOP is being held hostage by its most extreme members and lamented that McCarthy faced consequences within his party for doing what she perceived as the right thing—passing a short-term funding bill with Democratic support to prevent a government shutdown.