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Liberals Threaten Top Republican’s Life


This is unbelievable.

While the mainstream media and Democrats continue to paint conservatives as unhinged and dangerous people, they blatantly ignore the sad truth. They themselves are much worse than they realize.

At this point, any American with an opinion even slightly different than the far-left are viciously attacked online.


This all came to light once again when liberal members of the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Public Education attacked Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn for her criticism of President Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Jackson.

According to Townhall, one woman who can be heard calling for violence against Senator Blackburn and Americans are shocked.

During a meeting, one unidentified woman can be heard expressing her anger of Marsha Blackburn because she criticized Ketanji Jackson and asked, “Can we just go set Marsha Blackburn on fire?