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McCarthy Tells Trump To Shut Up?

Here’s what McCarthy had to say…

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has demanded former President Donald Trump to refrain from pledging retribution against his political adversaries in the event of a 2024 presidential victory. McCarthy, in an interview with CBS News, suggested that Trump shift his focus towards “rebuilding, restoring, [and] renewing America.”

When pressed by CBS’s Robert Costa on Trump’s previous commitments to seek revenge, McCarthy asserted, “He needs to stop that.” In response to Costa’s skepticism about Trump heeding his advice, McCarthy argued that Trump is receptive to information and will adapt when presented with all the facts.

Emphasizing that the American public is not inclined towards the idea of retribution, McCarthy articulated, “If it’s rebuild, restore, and renew — I think you will see that.” Despite McCarthy’s announcement last week that he won’t seek reelection in the House in 2024, he expressed his intention to continue offering counsel to Trump for the betterment of the country.

The concerns have risen as Trump persistently discusses his plans to target “radical-left thugs” and Marxist prosecutors, vowing to exact retribution. In a recent Fox News town hall, Trump clarified that he wouldn’t act as a dictator beyond the initial days, focusing on border control and energy policies.