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McConnell Helping Democrats Win Midterms?


McConnell is showing his true colors.

WOW! It now looks like Republicans Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to help a number of Trump-endorsed candidates heading into the midterm elections. McConnell’s refusal to help Republicans could lead to Democrats winning big in the midterms.

Why is McConnell doing this? Is McConnell jealous that Trump has a stronger presence in the GOP than he does? It certainly looks like it.

According to Newsmax, Trump-endorsed Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano sounded the alarm when he said that McConnell needs to show “a little courage” and “not act already as we’re going to lose.”


Mastriano added, “We’ve seen this record by Republicans, even when they win and they’re in the majority, to act like losers here. So it’s time for a little courage. Donald Trump showed us when he won in 2016 how Republicans should lead and can lead, and they need to fight like hell for our country and they need to stop rolling over.”

McConnell even cast doubt of the Republican Party by saying that Trump-endorsed candidates lacked “quality.”

Mastriano added, “He was speaking, of course about control of the Senate, not necessarily gubernatorial candidates here, but there is a great lineup of candidates out there and he needs to actually walk the talk and be enthusiastic and get behind them and not act already as we’re going to lose. The winds are at our back here. Everything is lined up perfectly. We have a great opportunity here to take our country.”

“I’m really sick of it. We need to be bold and courageous,” Mastriano added.