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Shocking New Trump Challenger For 2024


This was unexpected.

In a surprising turn of events, it now appears that Republican Miami Mayor Francis Suarez may soon be looking to launch a 2024 president run and take Donald Trump head on for the GOP nomination.

In a recent interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, Mayor Suarez addressed questions about him running for the presidency in 2024 and said, “Look, it’s a long way aways. Right now, I’m excited to preside over the presidency of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and try to convince other mayors across America that the Miami model works, that they need to adopt it so that they can create prosperity in their cities.”

Suarez added, “If that continues to work, and if Miami continues to be successful, then I think there’s going to be tremendous amount of options available for me politically if I decide that I want to continue to serve.”


Then when asked if he was planning to launch a 2024 campaign, Suarez said, “We’re doing our due diligence and, of course, doing what I have to do as mayor to try to continue to highlight the things that are happening in Miami. Which we think, again, should be a model for the rest of the country.”

Suarez’s leadership has skyrocketed Miami to a surprisingly high level. Suarez’s recent success has now stirred up conversations and controversy about him running for the Presidency because Miami residents are in strong support of him.

How Mayor Suarez running for the presidency will clash with former President Donald Trump’s goal to run again in 2024 is still unknown.

Other popular candidates such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is also an issue the Republicans will have to hash out before the 2024 presidential election.