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Romney Sabotages Republicans

Romney’s hate for Trump and the MAGA movement is evident.

Senator Mitt Romney from Utah expressed his preference for supporting Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia for the presidency in 2024, rather than endorsing President Joe Biden. During an interview on NBC News’s Meet the Press with host Kristen Welker, Romney, known for his disapproval of former President Donald Trump, was asked if he would consider supporting Biden in the upcoming election. In response, Romney stated, “The Joe I would like to vote for is Joe Manchin.”

Although Romney does not anticipate Manchin running for president in the upcoming election, given that Manchin is not seeking reelection to the Senate and has been ambiguous about his future plans, Romney indicated his preference for Manchin as the Democratic nominee over Biden, the current frontrunner.

Despite Romney’s endorsement of Manchin, there is speculation that Manchin might pursue a 2024 White House bid as a third-party candidate with the No Labels Party. Reports suggest that in private discussions with family members and former President Bill Clinton, Manchin has considered either retiring or running for president with the No Labels Party instead of within the Democratic Party.

Manchin, a centrist senator, has been contemplating a shift in party affiliation to Independent, reflecting his increasing divergence from his fellow Democrats. In a video announcing his decision not to seek reelection, the West Virginia Democrat stated, “I will finish my term while traveling the country and speaking out to see if there is interest in building a movement to mobilize the middle, find common ground, and bring Americans together.”