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[VIDEO] Angry Liberals AMBUSH Senator

[VIDEO] Angry Liberals AMBUSH Senator

America is headed in a disturbing direction

A rather large group of angry far-left environmental activists chased down Democrat Senator Joe Manchin as he was walking from his DC houseboat to his vehicle which was parked in a parking garage and things got very scary for Sen. Manchin.

Currently, liberals are furious with Senator Manchin because he is opposed to the multitrillion-dollar Democratic social spending bill which progressive Democrats and President Biden are desperately trying to pass.

Now, shocking video has surfaced of angry liberals targeting Sen. Manchin where things could have easily gotten violent.


Here is the second video where the angry liberals stand directly in front of Manchin’s SUV while security guards attempt to push them out of the way so Manchin can leave:

This isn’t the first time Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have been targeted by liberals for not allowing ultra-progressive bills to pass. Sen. Sinema was recently harassed at an airport and even chased into a bathroom stall at a local university.

Sadly, President Biden appears to approve of these dangerous encounters which could easily turn violent if matters get worse. In the past, Biden claimed it’s all just “part of the process”.