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VIDEO: Biden’s Home Gets Targeted

Biden doesn’t know what to do.

President Biden is set to return to his Delaware residence on Saturday, which is located right next to a massive number of protesters accusing him of being responsible for severe harm done to Palestine.

According to Fox, these demonstrators are participating in the “Delaware Palestine March” in the same vicinity. The crowd, as they assembled earlier in the day, chanted slogans like “Biden, Biden, you can’t hide! We charge you with genocide!

The protesters are urging President Biden to advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza, especially as Israel continues its ground incursion into territory controlled by terrorists. Left-wing activist Linda Sarsour, whose parents immigrated from Palestine to the U.S., addressed the demonstration.

The U.S. has indicated that Israel has agreed to daily pauses in fighting to permit the delivery of aid to Gaza. However, both the United States and Israel are not in favor of an immediate ceasefire.

It’s worth noting that there are approximately 240 hostages held in Gaza, including 10 believed to be American citizens. The Gaza health ministry, under the control of terror groups, claims that over 10,300 Gazans have lost their lives in the conflict, although they don’t distinguish between Palestinian civilians and members of Hamas.